A poetry beyond the Age
of Reason*..

A poetry for the beginnings
of the Age of Complexity Consciousness...
beyond the "Age of Manifestos".**



The Journal is a reflection as well a poetry about culture of visuality, and a free interpretation of several differences and transitions among Puristic aspects of Linearity as well of Emotional aspects of Non Linearity as a result of experiencing an increasing Consciousness of Complexity, in today's life, one of the most complex times to live just on the verge of 21st. Century.
It is a contribution to envision the art process either as a linear-non linear coding ritual or as grouped NL-L coding-decoding one which original source is both the poetry of the real, and the poetry of non visible worlds from the atom to the quantum realms.Though an experience which spiritual inevitability relates art-processes with social, environmental, political and ideologic inventions far beyond a decadent middle-class sensibility or the vagaries of any political correctness***...
Those notions purely formal regarding an aesthetic of visual arts, and particularly to an aesthetics of Euclidian-Cartesian painting like creative space, pictorial space, extension and motion, formalist abstraction,illusionism, realism and figuration, dynamics, spacial presence, Albertian perspective will only be trascended towards the creation of any new art, if we do the right reading about the insertion of it, on the several visual, scientific, philosophic and technologic realities in our lives.Then we know newer notions are the result of new ways of sensing and experiencing the world, and not ' per se ' theoretical preoccupations which do not make light to any new path, and on the contrary only create formal transformations for a placebo art.
Chapters ix, x and xi are the most inclusive of dryer analogies with Complexity processes, but on them the Journal bets for a continuum between an old set of rules to a new realm of connecting processes with an extended linear and non linear sense, and useful towards understanding Complex art as an art of transition for a new era.
Book references are also carefully documented.In all those texts we have found either metaconcepts to help clarify a complex vision,or metaideas which convey to have precise meaning towards the existence of a new post-historical art.

Burnaby, B.C., Canada, May 13th. 1998.

* " This Age of Reason will soon have been
with us for 500 years".
John Ralston Saul. "Voltaire's Bastards". 1992.
The Penguin Books. U.S.A. Page 14.

**Because the Manifesto "defines a certain kind of movement, and a certain kind of style, which the manifesto more or less proclaims as the only kind of art that matters"...
And "It is part of the post-historical moment of art history that it is inmune to manifestos and requires an altogether critical practice"...
Arthur C. Danto. "After the end of art". 1997.
Princeton University Press. New Jersey.U.S.A. Pages 28 & 29

***"Indeed, one of the first conditions of freedom is to discover the line beyond which politics may not go". And "Yet the inmense republic of literature (and visual arts) contains everything -and its opposite".
Robert Hughes. "Culture of Complaint".1993.
Oxford University Press.New York. U.S.A.
Page 114. & 107.


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